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Dr.-Ing. Erhardt Barth

Erhardt Barth founded bvisualIT in 2000 with the objective to apply his expert knowledge in vision science and build vision systems.

He is a scientist at the University of Lübeck in Germany with a permanent appointment in computer science. Here, at the Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics, his main research interests are in human and computer vision.

Dr. Barth obtained a Ph.D. in electrical and communications engineering from the Technical University of Munich, and has conducted research at the Universities of Melbourne and Munich, the Institute for Advanced Study in Berlin, the NASA Vision Science and Technology Group in California, and the Institute for Signal Processing in Lübeck. In May 2000 he received the Schloessmann Award.

Dr. Erhardt Barth Visual IT | Am Mühlenberg 14 RGB. D-23626 Ratekau | Phone: +49 4502 880463 | FAX / UMS: +49 721 151 305533 | Email: contact@bvisual.de